Amsterdam Airport Informational Guide to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) - Non Official

Amsterdam Aiport Parking

Looking for parking at the Airport? Book your stay online prior to your visit and get comfortably to the airport to board your flight.  

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Amsterdam Airport Parking is divided into the following areas:

P1- Short-Term Parking

A covered parking option for short stays, weekends or a few days. It is perfect for drop off and pick up passengers. 


P1 and P2, just a few minutes from the terminals.


- Every 11 minutes: € 1,10
- Per day: € 44
- 24 to 48 hours: € 88 

Please note the parking amount is increased by € 100 per day if you park for longer than two days on P1

P1 Holiday Parking 

The perfect option for long stays, located close to the terminal. 

It can only be booked in advanced. 

P3 Long-term Parking

There are two long-term parking options: In the car park building or in the parking lot. The first is covered and the second one is uncovered. 

There is a free Express Bus every 10 minutes to the terminal.



- 0 to 24 hours: 44 € 
- 24 to 48 hours: 80 €
- Every 24 hours then: 8.50 €


- 0 to 24 hours: 44 € 
- 24 to 48 hours: 75 €
- Every 24 hours then: 8.50 €

P4 Basic PArking

An uncovered parking and perfect for long trips and the most economic option in Amsterdam Airport.

It is needed to book in advanced and there is a free bus that departs every 15 minutes to the terminal.

P6 Valet Parking

Here you can leave your car and professional staff will take care of your car while your away.

Rates are not fixed and will be to the period of time you leave the car. 


It is the nearest parking to the terminal, just leave your car and some professional staff will take care of it.

It is located next to Departures 2 and departures 3 areas. 


- 1 day: € 47.50 (regardless of duration)
- From 2 days: € 47.50 + € 7.50 per hour to a max. of € 47.50 per day

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