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Amsterdam Airport Terminal - Schiphol Terminal

Amsterdam Airport operates with international and domestic flights, Schengen and non-Schengen areas. 

At Amsterdam Airport passengers will find a single passengers terminals with several concourses.

Schiphol Airport has a main passenger terminal with the following concourses: B, C, D, E, F, G, H and M.

It is divided into several halls: Departure hall 1, Departure hall 2 and Departure hall 3, all of them under the same roof.

All parts are interconnected. Piers and concourses of each hall are connected airside so it is possible to walk between piers and halls.  

At the center of everything there is Schiphol Plaza, this is the core of the terminal. It houses a large shopping centre, the railway station and some attractions: as the museum or NEMO center. 

Terminal In 1 Amsterdam Airport
Amsterdam Airport Plaza
Terminal In 2 Amsterdam Airport
Amsterdam Airport


Departures halls

Lots of passengers call them Terminals 1, 2 and 3, however, the different Halls are connected Airside. 

Departure Hall 1

It has Piers B and C and shares D-pier with Departure hall 2.

Pier B has 14 gates and Pier C has 21 gates.

Departure Hall 2

It has Piers D and E. 

Pier D is the largest one and has two levels.

The lower floor houses non-Schengen flights and the upper floor is used for Schengen flights.  

Schengen gates are numbered beginning with D-59; non-Schengen gates are numbered from D-1 to D-57.

Pier E is a dedicated non-Schengen area and has 14 gates. 

Departure Hall 3

It has three piers: F, G and H/M.

Pier F has 8 gates and Pier G has 13 gates.

Piers F and G are non-Schengen areas.

Piers H and M are physically one concourse consisting of 7 shared gates, home to low-cost airlines.

Operating completely separately, Pier H handles non-Schengen flights while Pier M is dedicated to flights within the Schengen area.

Terminal In 4 Amsterdam Airport
Amsterdam Airport Departures
Terminal In 5 Amsterdam Airport
Amsterdam Airport Departures



Amsterdam Airport Terminal consists of three levels as follows:

Level 0

Arrivals and Ground transportation options. 

It connects with Parking P1 and various hotels.

Passengers have access to the ground transportation as taxis, buses and shuttles.

In this area there are some restaurants and cafés, information desks, a supermarket and various other services as a hairdresser or lockers.

Level 1 

Departures and Check-in area.

Boarding gates and access to the different Departures Halls and Piers. 

This floor is divided between East and West side.

East side

Departures area 1 and 2.

Gates of the following piers: B (b1-b36), C (c1-c24), D (D1-D57 and D59-D87 to the top level) and E(e1-e24).

West side

Departures area 3 and 4.

They are served by check-in counters 17-32.

It has lounges 3 and 4 and there are gates of the following piers: F ( f1-f9), G(g1-g10), H and M.

Level 2

Restaurants and Bars and access to gates.

It has VIP Lounges from 1 to 4 and airlines Lounges.

It also has access to gates D, E and F.

Lounge 1

D gates.

Lounge 2

E gates.

Lounge 3 and 4

F gates (separate passport).

In this level you can also find the Yotel and Hotel Mercure, including the Exchange Avenue conference facilities.

Please note that there are some VIP lounges which can be accessed from the Departures level.

Level 3 

Panorama Terrace.

Terminal In 8 Amsterdam Airport
Amsterdam Airport Terminal
Terminal In 7 Amsterdam Airport
Amsterdam Airport Terminal

Distance inside the terminal

Distances in that terminal can be huge. Please, check walking times here: 

Walking times from security check to gates: 

Time to B gates(B01-B36): 2 to 8 minutes. 
Time to C gates(C1-C24): 2 to 8 minutes.
Time to D gates (D01-D87): 1 to 10 minutes.
Time to E gates (E01-E24): 2 to 7 minutes. 
Time to G gates (G01-G10): 2 to 4 minutes. 


- Free Wi-Fi
- Information desks
- Bars and restaurants
- Stores
- Hairdresser
- Service center
- Supermarket
- Baggage storage
- Lockers
- Casino
- Sauna
- Nursery
- Massage service
- Currency exchange
- ATMs
- Lost & found
- Pharmacy
- Medical services

See more Services here

Terminal In 3 Amsterdam Airport


Aspire Lounge (26) (Schengen): Services: TV, Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines, Internet Terminals, among others. 

Purchase your pass from 25€ per traveller. 

Aspire Lounge (41) (Non-Schengen): Services: TV, Internet Terminals, Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines, among others. 

Purchase your pass from 25 € per traveller. 

Privium Airside Lounge: Open from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm. Services: Premium food, Wi-Fi, snacks, spirits and liquor, among other. 

Star Alliance Lounge Amsterdam: Open from 5:30 am to 9:30 pm. Services: Premium food, snacks, drinks, WI-Fi, TV, printers and copiers, among others. 

Privium ClubLounge: Open from 5:30 am to 9:00 pm. Services: Premium food, Wi-Fi, snacks, drinks, Internet Terminals, among others. 

British Airways Galleries Club Lounge (40): Open from 5:30 am to 8:30 pm. Services: Snacks, drinks, Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines, spirits and liquors. 

KLM Crown Lounge (25): Concourse D. Open from 4:45 am until last departure of the day. Services: Premium food, Wi-Fi, drinks, showers, snacks, TV, Telephones, among others. 

KLM Crown Lounge (52): Concourse F. Open from 4:45 am to last departure of the day. Services: Premium food, Wi-Fi, drinks, showers, snacks, TV, Telephones, among others.  

VIP Centre: VIP terminal. Open from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. Services: Showers, snacks, Wi-Fi, drinks, among others. 

Privium Club Lounge West: Services: premium foods, drinks, Wi-Fi, snacks, flight monitors, among others. 

Privium Express Lounge: Services: premium food, snacks, drinks, Wi-Fi, flight monitors, Internet Terminals, TV, among others.

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